How To Prepare For A Job Interview

Everyone gets that nervousness before facing the interview panel for your dream job. It really doesn’t matter how brilliant you are, you will still need a good level of intelligence to leave a superb impression with your interviewers.

There are several steps you need to take to approach your job interview session and have an unfair advantage in boosting your chances for landing the job. Things like walking steps, posture and your dress language play a vital role.

Know your onion

Basically, the first thing you need to do is to prepare based on the job posting, analyze it and review the details required. This way, you are able to spot out what the company expects from the candidates.

Thereafter, you determine for yourself if you have the skills and knowledge required for the job. It is dangerous to apply for a job you know little or nothing about, unless it is clearly stated that experience doesn’t matter. This would imply that if the company eventually shortlists you, they will make you an intern, in preparation for job.

Also, if you are a foreigner, you must also know if you are eligible to work in the country. For example you will need a job permit to work in the USA, otherwise all your exercise would amount to waste.

Get to know the company

After submitting your CV to a company, your desire would be to be shortlisted for an interview. When this eventually happens, never make the mistake of going to the job interview with only knowledge of your job and personal skills set.

You need to thoroughly research the company, in other to find out if the working environment suits your work ethics. Company research is also important, because it will guide you when asking questions.

For a start, you can take a look at the company’s website “About Us” page to get a sense of the values, vision and mission of the company. Then, you can take it a bit further by personal research, asking people in your network if they have any review about the company.

Decide your clothes before time

Don’t wait till the date of the job interview before you start thinking of what to wear as it could cause disorientation. The last thing you will want before your interview starts is an unsettled mind.

Your first impression matters a lot, it doesn’t matter if you applied for a casual job or corporate, your aim is to be neat, and well-groomed. This will give a positive signal to your interviewer.

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What should you carry to the interview?

The job interview is not a war zone, you don’t need to take a whole bunch of stuff so you don’t get disorganized. Basically, you will need copies of your resume, list of references and list of questions to ask the interviewers. Don’t also forget to go with something to write with. You may not necessarily need your phone to be visible, simply turn off to avoid unnecessary distractions.

Interview etiquette

A proper interview etiquette is important for success. Remember you need to be cool, calm and collected (CCC). Exchanging warm pleasantries with the receptionist is mandatory. Don’t forget to greet your interview and everyone else you meet. Simply be polite and enthusiastic with everyone you come in contact with, you can never tell. The manager could be a few blocks away, observing behind the screens of a CCTV.

One these are done, before you leave the job interview, don’t forget to say thank you and reiterate your interest in the job.


If things go wrong and you are unable to get the job, Failed To Get That Job? Take This Next Line Of Action. However the case looks, going for an interview, one must be open minded, as the dice can be toss in either direction. We expect you to get your dream job if you follow the basics, but if anything else happens, you can always move on.

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