5 Possible Reasons Why You Are Still Unemployed

In the last few weeks, I have had a couple of people ask me, “why can’t I get a job?”. You can literally feel the frustration from the tone of their writing, and it’s okay to be frustrated, but not to give up, you need to try again, and try again until you win.

Most of the time, it’s not really a lack of academic qualification that makes you not to get a job, it could be some very basic things that you overlooked but makes a great deal to the interviewer.

Before we delve into those basic things, here are some checklists that could have prevented you from getting the job you desire.


Firstly, what is your network? The quality of your network cannot be better than the kind of job you desire. If your network comprises of people who only sit on the couch and play the PlayStation, chances are that you won’t be getting exclusive information about jobs offers.

The beauty of job information gotten from your network is that it is quite easy to get a background check on the company, their history and work ethics. Reason being that whoever brought the job posting information may have first-hand knowledge about the company.

Now, moving to the basic stuff, check out these things often overlooked by job seekers:

Body Piercing

Let’s start from here. Do you have facial piercings, visible tattoos and other markings on your body that may be termed as inappropriate by your employer? You should consider getting forehand information regarding the company you want to work with, and find out if body piercings can be a turn off.

Shave, Shave, Shave!!!

Alright, I know you love those beards. Fantastic! But if you are serious about getting a job, you may consider removing those stubble beards. Get a clean shave and give your interviewer a good impression.

You want a high salary

Everyone wants money, at least enough money to save and go for vacation. In some cases, you could be asked your expected salary. Some people mention figures that are way above an acceptable salary structure. At times, it can get the interviewer off-balance, because you have probably called his three-year salary as your basic annual salary. You definitely need to learn How To Prepare For A Job Interview

Again, doing a background check on the company can give you an idea of what kind of figure is an acceptable salary. From there, you can begin to shape things nicely.

You failed to following job posting directions

Every job listing contains a direction on how prospective employers should submit their application. When you go against this, the company will not even attempt to shortlist you for an interview.

They will consider you as one who do not pay attention or adhere to instructions. Nobody wants a person in his company who won’t listen to simple instructions, because a successful organization relies on working a system, which is simply a set of organizational rules one must follow within the company.

Any breach could lead to a rift and tension in the company. This is obviously the last thing any interviewer will want in their company.